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Collected Church Records…

Collected Church Records…

Author: Schuylkill Roots
Two church records under one cover 1) St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran (Franklin Square, Eldred Twp.), Schuylkill Co.) include a foreword and history, Baptisms (1857-1867 and 1870-1975), Marriages (1870-1975), and Deaths (1953-1974) and 2) Jacob’s or Howerter’s Lutheran (Upper Mahanoy Twp.), Northumberland Co. now St. James Lutheran Church. It includes a brief history, information on the Howerter family of Pennsylvania, Baptisms - Lutheran (1803-1869), Reformed (1808-1858). It also contains 17 pages of  tombstone inscription readings for Jacob's or Howter's Evangelical and Reformed Cemetery (Upper Mahanoy Township) compiled by Dr. Glenn P. Schwalm in June of 1968. Index.

1998, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 147 pages
ISBN 1558562729

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