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Crawford County-The 19th Century and Before

Crawford County-The 19th Century and Before Compiler: Retrospect Publishing
Search for well over 12,000 Crawford County residents from the 1700,s to the late 1800,s within seconds. You will be able to find people, long forgotten towns in the 1874 Gazetteer, churches, businesses such as the local undertakers, photographers and coal dealers and much more. Use this CD-ROM to learn about the beginnings of the oil industry, where oil was first discovered just outside of Titusville.

The 1885 Crawford County History not only includes extensive chapters on county, township and city histories but also a condensed history of the formation and development of the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania.

This CD contains a powerful search tool and images of the original pages from the following books:

  • Gazetteer and Business Directory of Crawford County, PA. for 1874 (Hamilton Child; Journal Office, Syracuse, NY; 1874)
  • History of Crawford County Pennsylvania, 1885 (Samuel P. Bates, R. C. Brown, J. B. Mansfield; Warner, Beers & Co., Chicago; 1885
  • Pioneer Sketches: Scenes and Incidents of Former Days (M. P. Sargent; Herald Printing and Publishing Co., Erie; 1891).
CD Features: Full Text Searchable, simple and advanced, Original Page Images, Bookmark and annotation capability, document viewer software included, extensive help documentation on the CD-ROM.

System Requirements: CD-ROM drive; Windows Operating System. Not compatible with network software.

Whether you are searching for a Civil War Regimental account or County residents in Child’s 1874 Gazetteer and Business Directory; you are bound to learn more about the people and places that comprised Crawford County. Also include on this CD is a Crawford County map.

2001, 1991 pages, CD
ISBN 1929356064

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