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DEAR MARY - Letters from the Field

DEAR MARY - Letters from the Field by Shaun Hess

In battles that would pit farmers against writers, bankers against blacksmiths and neighbor against neighbor, the Civil War would prove to be one of the bloodiest confrontations in American history. On the sesquicentennial of this epic moment in time, this story follows the service of one soldier that was dedicated to his country, his family and his community in astonishing detail.

The story, as it is told by William N. Haymaker through letters to his wife Mary, describes life during the war and the personal battles in which many men faced during this trying time away from home. Prostitution, deceit, honor, integrity, victory and defeat are all brought about in this stunning collection of writings during the term of William’s service.

As newspapers attempt to share details of the battles of the war and the health of the Union Army, William describes the events and details that really took place; calling out the fluff of reporting and identifying the truth in character of his leaders and fellow soldiers.

This incredible collection is a must read for Civil War enthusiasts, educators and history lovers alike. The author is the 3RD great grandson of William Newlon Haymaker. He is a history enthusiast and a very proud American. Born, raised and educated in Southern California, he now enjoys working as a software engineer and spending time with his family and friends in Utah.

Shaun is excited to share this amazing story with readers everywhere and hopes that through this book, people will come to know the life of a man who was truly dedicated to his family and his country.

2011, 6x9, Softbound, 254 pages

ISBN 9781558565357

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