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Dictionary of Pennsylvania Place Names

Dictionary of Pennsylvania Place Names

Compiler: Sandy Nestor

The author was born in Allentown and raised in Bethlehem, PA. She now resides in Medford, Oregon. Sandy’s interest in place names began in the early 1990s when she specialized in Indian place name origins. Sandy consulted experts in the field to determine the meaning of some of the Indian words and then added capsule histories of each place. She wrote three books on the subject that covered the entire U.S., which progressed to writing about state place names. She also wrote a book on the gold and silver mining camps of the west.

Dictionary of Pennsylvania Place Names is a major update on the original book written in 1925 by Abraham Howry Espenshade. The Indians named most of their counties, villages, cities, and townships as well as prominent natural landmarks such as mountains, lakes, and streams with some help from the colonists. The early settlers in the American provinces had a unique opportunity. Maps were actually developed by the colonists.

Readers will find this book interesting since many of the entries with foreign names are given their ultimate name origins. This is a great genealogical resource for Pennsylvania researchers. It is a rule of thumb in genealogical documentation that an event is recorded with the appropriate geographic location that exists at the time of the event. Since place names change over the years, it is also important to know current names in order to continue that research.

Sandy continues her writing and research, particularly those states with outdated place name books.

2012, 8.5x11, Softbound, 223 pages

ISBN 9781558565685

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