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Early Folks Obits - Medina 1880-1892

Early Folks Obits - Medina 1880-1892 Compiler: Sharon L.D.(Kraynek) Beachey

From the wilderness of northern Ohio people carved homes and villages and cleared land to cultivate crops and make a substantial living. Families endured hardships and mostly on their own. Credit must be given to those early settlers for what they had to contend with to survive.

Most of the early residents were from England (civilized life) and gave it all up to move West to Ohio. The way of life was rough and laborious. Everything had to be made from scratch. Both men and women had roles to play. The man had to provide for his family while the wife looked out for the children, taught schooling, raised a family, and gave birth to the children.

These obituaries were abstracted from the Medina Gazette in an attempt to help you find your lost ancestors. Each obituary includes an immense amount of information. An every name index makes finding the deceased as well as family members and extended genealogical information a whiz.

2012, 8.5x11, Softbound, 249 pages
ISBN 9781558565715

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