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Early Land Owners of PA: Atlas of Twp. Warrantee Maps of Dauphin Co, PA Combo

Early Land Owners of PA: Atlas of Twp. Warrantee Maps of Dauphin Co, PA Combo Authors: Sharon and Angus MacInnes
Book + CD. This volume in the Early Landowners of PA series contains all the township warrantee maps of Dauphin County produced by the Pennsylvania Land Office in the 1940s.

These maps show purchase specifics for all tracts which were first transferred from the colony or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to private owners; all subsequent land transactions are recorded at the county level.

The authors have transcribed every piece of information given on each tract: the names of the warrantee and patentee; dates of the warrant, survey, and patent; the survey book and page number of each tract, and the patent book and page number of each patent. They have added atlas coordinates to the maps so that each plat can be easily located.

Hundreds of additional early landowners have been identified in footnotes as neighbors who were shown on the surveys at the time the surveys were made, often allowing researchers to follow a progression of landowners.

Numerous corrections to the data on the Township Warrantee Maps have been made by consulting the copied surveys, the Lancaster and Dauphin County Warrant Registers, the East Side Applications Register, and the relevant Patent Register.

The maps show the metes-and bounds location of each tract, thus pinpointing the earliest landowners of the county. Index. These Township Warrantee Maps are large documents averaging 3+ feet by 4+ feet (in contrast to the cropped and reduced-size versions published in the atlas), and some are as wide as 6 feet.

The full-size scans contained on this companion CD are thus very detailed. You can zoom in almost infinitely to view all details (including "W-O" and "B-O" for white and black oaks, respectively) on each map using your photo editor.

One of the most important references to be found on each tract shown on the maps is the Survey Book and page number. Nearly all individual surveys were copied into ledgers at the beginning of the 20th century, and they have been posted online by the Pennsylvania Archives. This CD is included in the purchase of this package.

2009, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 530 pages (Book + CD) BEST BUY
ISBN 9781558565142

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