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Scans of Twp. Warrantee Maps of Berks Co., PA

Scans of Twp. Warrantee Maps of Berks Co., PA Authors: Sharon C. and Angus MacInnes
show Early This is companion book, Landowners Pennsylvania: Atlas contains scans Township Warrantee Maps existing Pennsylvania Archives Harrisburg. maps, drawn draftsmen, exact plats earliest owners land in County, including trees other landmarks, marked property boundaries. Dates range from 1730s to 1880s. Unfortunately, platting loose surveys onto Berks County township was never completed. Only 23 townships, most which south Schuylkill River, before project stopped. Townships not mapped at by state draftsmen were Amity, Colebrookdale, Douglass, Earl, Hereford, Lower Alsace, Maidencreek, Maxatawny, Oley, Ontelaunee, Perry, Pike, Rockland, Washington. Ancestor Tracks has, however, found partial maps Albany, District, Greenwich, Longswamp, Windsor, Richmond (only 4 tracts for Richmond), well as a completed rough draft map Centre Township, and these are included on CD. The CD covers an estimated 65% of the county rather than all landowners.

2006, 41 pages, CD
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