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Fayette County, PA Inventory

Fayette County, PA Inventory Compiler: Retrospect Publishing
Volume No. 26 in the Inventory of the County Archives of Pennsylvania Series provides a summary of the available county records that were being maintained and archived at the Fayette County courthouse in 1940, when this volume was originally published. A synopsis of how the county records are organized and what a Fayette County, Pennsylvania genealogy researcher should expect to find within the records is provided. There is no guarantee that the described county records are still available at the Fayette County courthouse more than sixty years later.

Microfilms of the some of the identified county record groups are available at the Pennsylvania State Archives in Harrisburg, PA and Family History Centers. This CD also includes "PA Counties," a software program for viewing and exploring the evolution of the counties of Pennsylvania.

These records should spark new ideas for exploring long forgotten county records and is a must for any serious Fayette County, Pennsylvania genealogy researcher.

This CD contains a powerful search tool and images of the original pages from the following book:
  • Inventory of the County Archives of PA, No. 26, Fayette County (Eugene Maur Braderman, Ph. D.; Board of County Commissioners; 1940)
CD Features: Full Text Searchable, simple and advanced, Original Page Images, Bookmark and annotation capability, document viewer software included, extensive help documentation on the CD-ROM.

System Requirements: CD-ROM drive; Windows Operating System. Not compatible with network software.

2008, 311 pages, CD
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