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Fayette County-The Towns

Fayette County-The Towns Compilers: Retrospect Publishing
Search for well over 10,000 Fayette County residents from the 1700's to the early 1900's within seconds using this CD. This collection of Fayette County, Pennsylvania books contained on this CD will assist you in learning more about the people of Fayette County.

The History of Uniontown, the County Seat of Fayette County, Pennsylvania by James Hadden and published in 1913 contains a wealth of information about Uniontown and the surrounding area. Included in this publication are tombstone inscriptions from some of Uniontown's oldest graveyards, the Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian, Old Baptist, and St. John’s Roman Catholic cemetery along with meticulous accounts describing the early buildings and homes, their function and reminiscences of the early residents and their families. For any genealogist that had ancestors that lived in or around Uniontown, Pennsylvania this publication is a must.

The Hart's History and Directory of the Three Towns, Brownsville, Bridgeport and West Brownsville, Pennsylvania published in 1904 is more than just a directory. The compiler took painstaking effort to capture and record the history of the towns of Brownsville, Bridgeport and West Brownsville. Included in this directory is a necrology for the three towns and the vicinity from August 1869 – May 1904, along with detailed histories of the three towns, biographical sketches of the borough officials, and a listing of the residents and their occupations. The listing of residents is unique for a directory because all the household residents are listed including the wife and children. Also included in this directory is history of Uniontown along with some prominent biographical sketches of Fayette County, Pennsylvania residents.

The Centennial History of the Borough of Connellsville, Pennsylvania 1806-1906 was published in 1906 by the Historical Committee of the Connellsville Centennial Celebration and contains a consist history of the borough. The three books contained on this CD offer a unique collection of history and genealogy information for Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Whether you are searching Hart's 1869-1904 necrology or interested in searching for Revolutionary War soldiers; you are bound to learn more about Fayette County. This CD contains a powerful search tool and images of the original pages from the following books:

  • Hart's Directory and History of the Three Towns, Brownsville, Bridgeport, West Brownsville (J. Percy Hart assisted by W. H. Bright; J. Percy Hart, Cadwallader, PA; 1904)
  • Centennial History of the Borough of Connellsville, Pennsylvania,1806-1906 (McClenathan, Edie, Burgess, Coll, and Norton; The Champlain Press, Columbus, Ohio 1906)
  • A History of Uniontown the County Seat of Fayette County, PA (James Hadden; 1913)

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