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Genealogical Abs. of OC Records, Northampton Co., PA, Vol. 2

Genealogical Abs. of OC Records, Northampton Co., PA, Vol. 2

Author: Candace E. Anderson
This book includes more than 10,000 early residents of the county enumerated in Volumes 6-8, 1795-1815 of the orphans court records. Types of records kept by the Orphans Court, in addition to the concerns of orphans, are many. Genealogical information one can find in these court records include the names of widows and children, names of grandchildren, brothers, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, friends, and neighbors; the names of the husbands of the daughters of the deceased; the place of residence of a family and the property they held; ages, death dates, war service; the location of relatives in other counties, states, and countries; occupations.

When a man died intestate, the distribution of his estate was taken to this court for consideration, often listing all the names of his heirs in the records of the proceedings. Within the records are many hints of family situations such as family quarrels and complaints, hardships, disappearances of loved ones, the horrors of war, even a mention of treason to list some. Candace gives brief explanations of the types of records brought to the Orphans Court and the meaning of certain words. Another outstanding record by Candace, it includes an every name index for instant reference. 

1999, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 525 pages
ISBN 1558563199

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