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Grave Undertakings Vol. 1, Lancaster Co., PA

Grave Undertakings Vol. 1, Lancaster Co., PA

Author: Martha J. Xakellis
Contents include map of Elizabeth Township with cemetery locations and tombstone inscriptions from the following cemeteries: Old Zion Reformed Church Cemetery, Emanuel Lutheran, St. John’s Lutheran, Hammer Creek Mennonite, Coleman Memorial Chapel, Sahm/Kunzi Graveyard, Lexington/Kauffman, Bubaker/ Bar Graveyard, former Badorf/Sahm, Stauffer. Names are listed alphabetically under each cemetery. Emanuel Lutheran and St. John’s Lutheran cemeteries are mapped out with references to tombstone location. A short description of each cemetery has been added.

1993, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 96 pages
ISBN 155856019X

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