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Grave Undertakings Vol. 2, Lancaster Co., PA

Grave Undertakings Vol. 2, Lancaster Co., PA

Author: Martha J. Xakellis
Includes former Oberholtzer Graveyard, Salem Lutheran Church of Kissel Hill, Jerusalem Lutheran, Millport Union, Hess Mennonite, Rothsville Evangelical (Salem Methodist), Longenecker Brethren, Brunnerville Methodist, United Zion, United Zion Home, Beth El, Hostetter, Erb, Becker, Erb 2, Huber, Pine Hill, Weidler, Burkholder, Rudy, Bomberger, Old Hess, Huber/Shober, Geyer, Former Gruve, Shover, Grossman, and the Roth Family Graveyard. 28 cemeteries are included in this book.

1993, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 160 pages
ISBN 1558561226

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