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Here Come the Douthits, Coast to Coast Across Two Centuries

Here Come the Douthits, Coast to Coast Across Two Centuries Authors: Ruth Long Douthit and Davis Douthit
Originally published in 1983, this 405-page work traces the seven male lines of the sons of John Douthit, Sr. (1709-1784). Born in Coleraine, Ireland, John, Sr. came to America in 1724 and settled in the Monocacy River area of what is now Maryland’s Frederick County in about 1733. He and his family moved to North Carolina in the 1750s near what is now Winston-Salem. The main body of this reprint consists of profiles of about 700 families directly descended from John, Sr., with the sources of information identified. It is professionally and meticulously researched. Alternative data are indicated by slashes, and data without proof are printed in italics. The family profiles are diagramed in twenty-two pullout charts. There is an extensive index of between 6,000 and 7,000 names, most of them of them, of course, Douthits, Douthitts and other spellings. There is also an interesting narrative of anecdotal information uncovered during research, which makes the Douthits come alive. 

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2003, 8.5" X 11", Hardbound, 405 pages

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