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Historical Collections of Moundsville, WV

Historical Collections of Moundsville, WV Author: J.H. Brantner
Originally published in 1947, this book includes “the most important and interesting facts in the history of the city from its first settlement to the present (1946). “All sections and communities have their cherished memories, historical facts and legends of the “early days” in the formation of that particular settlement. Nowhere is this more true than at the “Flats of Grave Creek.” This section of the valley was not settled by colonists, as many of the eastern settlements were, but by “pioneers” who blazed a trail through the wilderness in search of suitable home sites for their families…Many are the fireside stories of the daring deeds and narrow escapes told by these hardy pioneers as they played their part in establishing a community which was to have an important place in the building of our great nation.” 

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2000, 6" X 9", Hardbound, 198 pages

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Marshall County Historical Society
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