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History of Clarion County, PA

History of Clarion County, PA

Author: A.J. Davis
...and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers. First printed in 1887, the editor demonstrated the patriotism and courage shown in the lives of the people of this era. Many individuals from Clarion County shared in compiling this book. The combined expertise of the author and those who assisted him regarding the various townships add to the comprehensiveness of this history.

This book is an excellent source for history of townships, boroughs, biographies, military records, newspapers, schools, churches, occupations-Pennsylvania from the first settlement to the Revolution and much more. Table of contents, seventy-five chapters, forty-two illustrations, thirty-seven biographical sketches, three hundred eighty brief personals, original place name and subject index plus additional surname index.

1997, 8.5 x 11", Hardbound. 770 pages
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