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History of Guernsey County, Ohio

History of Guernsey County, Ohio Author: Col. Cyrus P.B. Sarchet
1911 reprint. The original publishers’ motivation in preparing this publication was to preserve facts and personal memoirs that they felt were deserving of perpetuation. It compares the conditions of the people of this county to what they were one hundred years ago (now close to 200 years). Biographical sketches in the work were submitted to the people of that time period for correction thus making every attempt to make the family records accurate. Includes: Topography and Geology, Indian Occupancy, Organization of the County, Early Settlement, County Government, Political History, Military History, Educational Development, Church and Denominational History, Secret Societies, Railway, Water Navigation and the Old Pike Road, the Medical Profession, Newspapers, Banks and Banking, Mines and Mining, the townships of the county, miscellaneous events of interest, general reminiscences and much more - all pertaining to Guernsey County! Index.

1994, 8.5" X 11", Hardbound, 1052 pages
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