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History of Mercer County, PA, 1877

History of Mercer County, PA, 1877 Compilers: Retrospect Publishing
Explore one of the oldest published histories for Mercer County, Pennsylvania. The History of Mercer County, Pennsylvania was published in 1877. The editor, Samuel W. Durant, was meticulous in his coverage of Mercer County.

Every township and borough was visited by at least one person who talked to local historians and town elders. As a result, this county history offers a treasurer trove of information for researchers interested in the early history and genealogy of Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

Search for your Mercer County ancestors in the lists of county veterans from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War or read chapters on the coal and iron industry in the Shenango Valley.

Whether you are interested in learning where the first distillery was located in Mercer County or interested in finding out which Civil War Regiment your great grandfather served with; you will certainly learn more about Mercer County and its early settlers.

This CD contains a powerful search tool and images of the original pages from the following book:

  • History of Mercer County, PA, 1877 (Samuel W. Durant; L.H. Everts, & Company, Philadelphia, PA; 1877)

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This record includes 159 illustrations.

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