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History of the Panhandle

History of the Panhandle

Authors: J.H. Newton, G.G. Nichols and A.G. Sprankle
Originally published in 1879 by J.A. Caldwell, this reprint was a book too good to go out of print. The History of the Pan-Handle has been brought back by popular demand. It is the logical successor to the frontier classics Doddridge’s Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars, Wither’s Chronicles of Border Warfare, and De Hass - History of the Settlement and Indian Wars of Western Virginia. This book is the last of the truly great works dealing with this subject for the history buff, genealogist, or the serious student of frontier history of the Upper Ohio Valley, this work is without peer.

Originally published as part of a wave of centennial histories in the last quarter of the nineteenth century, History of the Pan-Handle was clearly the best. The coverage it gives to the Zane, Wetzel, and McColloch families, as well as the sieges of Fort Henry and other related subjects, is without parallel, covering in detail the period from the founding of the City of Wheeling up to 1879. In addition it presents background history of local churches, businesses and various societies, as well as extensive biographical information on the leading citizens of the day.

Among the historical items which can be found herein are letters written by George Washington, Ebenezer Zane, George Rogers Clark, William Crawford, David Shepherd, and numerous others. It also describes the early histories of Marshall, Ohio, Brooke, and Hancock Counties of West Virginia. Included within these is a short history of every small town and village in existence in 1879. It must be examined to appreciate its excellence. Some pages are light due to the original lithography, but they are all readable.

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