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Irish Immigrants in 19th Century Ohio I

Irish Immigrants in 19th Century Ohio I

Author: Donna M. Wolf
The book is a data base of 10,100 persons who were born in Ireland and lived in Ohio in the nineteenth century. The author searched 75 published and original sources from 64 Ohio counties. (The larger cities will be covered in a subsequent volume.) Information about each individual includes name, age, county, and source. The sources must be searched for additional information. Sources include census, death, cemetery, naturalization records, county histories, and other miscellaneous records. About 2,000 individuals were found who were in Ohio prior to 1850.

Cemetery records are included because some of the tombstones provide the date of death and even the county where the person was born in Ireland. This information is even more important than the date of arrival. Many counties in Ohio have published at least some of their naturalization records, some with full documentation, which provides the date and port of arrival; others merely indexed the original document. It is noted in this book if ‘full documentation’ is available from the source. The last column of the database type identifies the kind of information found in the source. It is necessary to consult the source for complete information, but it’s a great general resource for finding where you need to look! Index.

1998, 8.5" X 11", Hardbound, 216 pages
ISBN 1558562850

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