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Jacob of Redbank -The Desc. of Jacob and Mary Ann (Harriger) Siverling

Jacob of Redbank -The Desc. of Jacob and Mary Ann (Harriger) Siverling Author: Gail Siverling Dulgar
This beautiful hardbound volume of 450+ pages (including index) spans two hundred and twenty years of family history in America, starting with the birth of Jacob (Sauberlich) Siverling in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania in 1782 and continues to the current date. The book provides information on three thousand direct descendents of these early settlers of Redbank Township, Armstrong County, PA and includes many descendents located in Armstrong, Clarion, Jefferson and Venango Counties. In addition to Siverling, other frequently occurring names include Henry, Bighley/Bigley, Dinger, Truitt, Hunsberger, Forrest, George, Deshner, Thomas, Barringer, Sherman, Wadding, Miller, Kemmer, Davis, Sliker, Beveridge, Brocious and Lingenfelter as well as many, many others. If your ancestors lived in Clarion or Jefferson County during the 1800-1900 period, chances are: You’re related! Quantities are limited. 

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2003, 8.5” X 11”, Hardbound, 459 pages

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