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Jason Torrey's Warrantee Map of Wayne & Pike Counties, 1814

Jason Torrey's Warrantee Map of Wayne & Pike Counties, 1814 Authors: Sharon C. and Angus MacInnes
This CD includes more records of early land owners of Pennsylvania.

This one includes five PDF files:
1) Every name Index to Wayne & Pike Counties Maps drawn in 1814 by Jason Torrey showing warrantee, size of tract, tract number and township.
2) Index to Wayne and Pike Maps by Jason Torrey, by townships - two indexes for each township: one index by tract number for ease in identifying owners of adjacent tracts and the second is alphabetical by owner. Bookmarks are included for easy navigation between chapters.
3) Northampton County (parent county) Warrant Register (starting 1752)
4) Pike County Warrant Register (starting 1814
5) Wayne County Warrant Register (starting 1798).

Warrant registers show number of warrant, name of warrantee, description of warrant, date of warrant, date of return, acres returned, name of patentee, where recorded (Vol./No./Page) and where survey is copied (Book/Page).

Instructions explaining how to use the map and warrant registers is included, as well as an entire map of Wayne and Pike Townships which is broken down into smaller versions for faster opening in both tif and jpg formats which can be magnified.

2007, 421 pages, CD
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