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Joseph Bigelow (1759-ca. 1833) of Bracken County, KY: His Ancestors and Descendants

Joseph Bigelow (1759-ca. 1833) of Bracken County, KY: His Ancestors and Descendants Author: Jane Elsmere
Joseph Bigelow (1759-ca.1833), a descendant of immigrant John Bigelow (1617-1703) who arrived in Massachusetts in 1630, served in the Revolutionary War as a replacement for his wounded brother, James Bigelow. After the war ended Bigelow (var. Biglow) moved to what was then the Far West and by 1810 resided in Bracken County, Kentucky. This book includes information about his ancestry, military history, marital history, places of residence, and descendants.

His children and grandchildren married into the Bratton, Daily, Jenkins, Jett, Lucas, McDowell, Meyers/Myers, Traylor, White and other families in Bracken and Robertson counties in Kentucky. Many of his descendants remained in northeastern Kentucky or in southern Ohio and Indiana, and some moved eventually to Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Mexico, and other western states.

Information about Bigelow's descendants and their spouses contains details about their interests and events in their lives when available as well as basic genealogical data.

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2010, 8.5” x 11”, Softbound, 94 pages
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