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Lehigh County Tombstone Abstracts of Persons Born Prior to 1800

Lehigh County Tombstone Abstracts of Persons Born Prior to 1800 Author: Charles F. Seng
The publisher is sold on this book! It is very unique in that it contains compacted abstracts of tombstone inscriptions in all the known period cemeteries found within the limits of Lehigh County with dates of birth before the year 1800. It consists of about 5,100 records from 64 cemeteries. Original name spelling has been maintained and only the vital information has been abstracted. German inscriptions have been translated to English.

It contains some unique and vivid personal information which may not be available elsewhere! The author personally did his own foot work with all that goes with it, being attacked by mosquitoes, bees, knats, and other annoying insects, walking the other way when he came across a snake he could not identify, chased by dogs, and one time he was even accompanied by some dairy cows that wandered into a cemetery. Mr. Seng always felt close to the people resting there and felt like he was preserving the fact that they were once were alive like him and wondered what their lives were like. This is the work of a true genealogist, a true labor of love.

Many tombstones leave some unanswered questions. One in particular was from Jacobs Church in Lehigh County. Veronica Venus d February 13, 1793 (14) and she was she a child, a married woman, name could have been Fenus. This name did not appear in any other cemetery in Lehigh County. Birth places include detailed locations in England, Germany, Poland, Ireland, and other European countries in many entries. An alphabetical listing of burials with a cross reference index to names within the entries.

2007, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 124 pages
ISBN 9781558564862

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