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Let these Stones Speak, Vol. 1 (Pequea Twp.)

Let these Stones Speak, Vol. 1 (Pequea Twp.) Authors: Darvin L. and Regina Christman Martin
This CD contains high resolution photographs of every tombstone in Pequea Township, Lancaster County, PA. Transcriptions are displayed next to each photograph. There are hot links to every adjacent tombstone. It is arranged alphabetically and by location in each of the following sixteen cemeteries:

Boehm U.M. Church, Old Byerland Graveyard, Byerland Mennonite Church Cemetery, former site (Second Lock Road), former site of Byerland Mennonite Meetinghouse and Graveyard, Good Family Graveyard, Harnish Family Graveyard, Haverstick Family Graveyard,(Hans) Hess Family Graveyard, Kendig Family Graveyard (former site), (Martin) Kendig Family Graveyard (former site), Line Family Graveyard, New Danville Mennonite Church, New Danville Reformed Mennonite Cemetery, Pequea Brethren in Christ Church, and Rush Family Graveyard.

Each tombstone photograph can be printed out as large as 8.5x 11". 3,731 pages, 4,481 documented individuals buried in this township. Over 3,000 photographs. Every name index with links to each photograph.

40 top surnames found on this CD: Hess, Harnish, Herr, Kreider/Krider, Miller, Huber, Eshleman/Eshelman, Brenneman/Breneman, Martin, Thomas, Charles, Kendig/Kindig, Good, Shenk/Shank, Groff, Haverstick, Lefever, Bechtold, Goss, Sigman, Mylin, Dagen, Reinhart/Rinehart, Hackman, Gochenaur/Gochnauer, Lehman/Leaman, Erb, Stehman, Warfel, Rineer/Rhineer, Myers, Stauffer, Buckwalter, Mellinger, Graeff, Ressel, Smith, Johnson, Barr, Snavely.

Note: The term documented individuals refers to each individual transcription in the cemetery. Therefore, if the same person is listed on two different stones, that person is documented twice. Conestoga Township has more pages than Pequea even though it has less individuals. This is because Conestoga Townshp has more cemeteries, and each separate cemetery takes several pages including a map, layout, history, etc.

2002, 3,731 pages, CD
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