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Let these Stones Speak, Vol. 7 (Martic Twp.)

Let these Stones Speak, Vol. 7 (Martic Twp.) Authors: Darvin L. and Regina Christman Martin, and Marie Malark
This CD contains high resolution photographs of every tombstone in Martic Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, arranged alphabetically and by location in 9 unique cemeteries.

It contains tombstone inscriptions documenting 3,595 indexed individuals buried in Martic Township within the following 9 cemeteries:

African American Graveyard west of Pencraft Drive (former site), Bethesda United Methodist Church Cemetery, Flory Family Graveyard, Marticville United Methodist Church Cemetery, Mount Nebo Presbyterian Graveyard, Mount Nebo United Methodist Church Cemetery, Muddy Run Presbyterian Graveyard, Rawlinsville Mennonite Church Cemetery, and Rawlinsville United Methodist Church Cemetery.

Let These Stones Speak is an interactive visual presentation of each cemetery, tombstone by tombstone. The tombstones are linked together on the CD in the same order they appear in the cemetery, giving the effect of actually walking through the cemetery, visiting the resting places of your ancestors. The tombstones are also linked through an index, so one may quickly find the name of the individual of interest and click directly to the specified tombstone photograph.

2009, 2,626 pages, CD
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