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Letters From Laura

Letters From Laura

Author: Barbara B. Hixon
To quote Lloyd Ostendorf, artist and Lincoln author, “Letters from Laura is a lovely story that takes you back to the true feelings of the Civil War days: the awful dread of loved ones dying in the war, the election year hysteria and stress, and the daily life and concerns of two educated and talented people in love with each other, thriving on the letters alone.

Twenty-four year old Laura Washabaugh of Bedford, PA, met Dr. George Douglas, Assistant Surgeon of the First New York (Lincoln) Calvary, when he was sent to Bedford to set up a hospital for the sick and wounded men who had fled there after General Milroy was routed at Winchester, Virginia on June 15, 1863. Laura and Dr. Douglas became engaged and after he left Bedford, they wrote long and discursive letters to each other. 16 illustrations. Index.

1997, 6” X 9", Softbound, 104 pages
ISBN 1558562427

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