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Marriages from Venango County Sources

Marriages from Venango County Sources

Authors: Joan (Search) and Ken Hanson
…1795 - 1885 (All Inclusive) - 1886 - 1921 (Outside the County), Vol. 1.
Marriage licenses were not required in Pennsylvania until 1885. As a consequence, there are almost no legal records of marriages prior to that time. The Hansons used every source available to provide this exhaustive record. All marriages found prior to 1 January 1886 have been listed, including those which occurred outside the county.

Only marriages performed outside Venango County are listed after 1885 as those within the county are available at the courthouse. It’s amazing how many people married people out of the county and the state! Map, sources, perpetual calendar! Index.

1994, 8.5" X 11", Hardbound, 381 pages
ISBN 1558561781

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