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Marriages of Pittsylvania County, VA

Marriages of Pittsylvania County, VA Author: Jeffrey A. Campbell
Pittsylvania County (1767) was formed from Halifax County (1752). Halifax County was taken from Lunenburg County (1746), which was formerly a part of Brunswick County (1732). This unique compilation of marriage records taken from original microfilms housed at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Family History Center in Salt Lake City, Utah contains over 6,000 marriages in Pittsylvania County between 1767 and 1850. 

Marriages are listed alphabetically by groom and include the groom’s last name, wife’s maiden name, and date of marriage. The microfilm number is provided so the original record may be consulted for additional information. A separate spousal index aids in reverse researching where only the name of the spouse is known. This book is highly recommended if you have ancestors in this area during this time period.

2004, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 177 pages
ISBN 1558564160

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