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Memoirs: Our People…The Indians

Memoirs: Our People…The Indians Author: Mary McGuire Martell, edited by Richard McQuisten
A genealogy of the Indians (Chippewa) and French-Canadians, 1750-1950, in the areas of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, Harpers Ferry, Iowa and Pembina Red River of the North in North Dakota and Minnesota. Written, circa 1950 by Mary, copies of the manuscript were distributed to close friends and family only. A few of the surnames discussed are: Alford, Autaya, Burrette, Bissonnette, Bonet, Brisbois, Cardinal, Caron, Carry, Caya, Charron, Chenviere, Cherrier, Cota, DeChesne, Dowling, Drew, DuCharme, Gagneir, Gauthier, Gonyier, Gremor, Heist, Hertzog, LaDoucher, LaMotte, LaPointe, LaRoque, LaRont, Larrivier, LaTranche, Laurent, Kelly, Martell, McGuire, Menard, Mesier, Montagny, Pellitier, Pezolt, Pipineau, Pot-de-vin, Portwine, Rollette, St. Germaine, Sauve, Tranchmontagny, Traversey, Trottier, Valley, Verdon, and Vinnette. The original copy used for reproduction was well used by a family member. Some underlines could not be removed without making the text illegible but this was the best copy available. New preface and photograph of the compiler have been added. 

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2003, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 86 pages

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