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Mount of Olives Presbyterian Church

Mount of Olives Presbyterian Church Author: Paul Heckethorn
Squirrel Hill is a community in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Mifflin Associate Reformed, later United Presbyterian Church (comprising the boroughs of Whitaker, Munhall, West Mifflin, West Homestead, Homeville and Homestead and the Hays community of the City of Pittsburgh, PA). Mount of Olives, later Mount Olivet Presbyterian Church was organized in 1863. It was a viable institution until it closed on March 28, 1893. 

Ten years later it merged with the Sunday School class from the East Liberty Presbyterian Church to form Sixth Presbyterian Church at the corner of Forbes and Murray Avenues in Squirrel Hill (founded January 1903). This record includes Baptisms (Oct 1, 1864 - 1890); Deaths (May 1872 - 1893); Marriages (June 9, 1875 - 1889), Register of Communicants. This is a brief history of the Mifflin United Presbyterian Church plus Deaths (for the years 1854-1903), Marriages (for the years 1874, 1882, 1888), Baptisms (and for the time period 1850-1903), Cemetery Reading. Surname index.

2002, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 50 pages
ISBN 1558563113

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