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Noah Creech of Johnston County, NC, His Descendants and Allied Families

Noah Creech of Johnston County, NC, His Descendants and Allied Families Author: Ruth Ann Matthis Creech
This family history begins with Noah Creech and wife Elizabeth Bryant Creech who moved from Lenoir County into Johnston County, North Carolina in 1825. It traces the lives of their children (Bryant, John, Alexander, Vine Allen, Penelope Thornton, Nasrow, Robert G. and Mary Parker) down to their present-day descendants. Four sons were Confederate veterans who saw action in many major engagements of the Civil War. Alexander, a successful merchant, served on the civilian delegation which negotiated the peaceful surrender of Raleigh in 1865. John and Vine Allen were murdered in Georgia in the turbulent times following the South’s defeat. This history also traces the allied families and descendants of George and Henry Massengill and Richard Manning, David Temple, Elijah Baker and many others from their appearance in North Carolina in the late 1700’s until the 20th century. This book is documented with a complete surname and location index, 41 photographs and 52 scans of original documents, maps, diagrams, etc. 

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2000, 8.5X11”, 547 pages

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