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Northampton County - Bethlehem and Easton

Northampton County - Bethlehem and Easton Compilers: Retrospect Publishing
Own a unique collection of Northampton County, Pennsylvania books on CD. This collection of books will assist genealogical researchers and family historians interested in the towns of Bethlehem, Easton and the surrounding area during the late 1700’s through the 1800’s. You will be able to search all 5 books and over 30,000 Northampton County residents in seconds.

The History of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 1741-1892 and the Historical Sketch of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania both provide a comprehensive account of the early pioneers, their life and institutions including the Moravian Church. The historical sketches by John Martin contain many interesting anecdotes of everyday life in Bethlehem.

Some of the first settlers of “The Forks of Delaware” provides a translation from the German record books of the First Reformed Church of Easton from 1760 to 1852. Specifically, the transcribed records of the First Reformed Church of Easton contain baptism records from 1760 to 1823, burials for the congregations of Easton, Dryland, Greenwich, Plainfield and Mount Bethel from 1786 to 1844, and marriages from 1787 to 1848.

Local Historical and Biographical Notes collected from files of newspapers published in Easton, Pennsylvania provide a potpourri of genealogical material. The newspaper clippings from 1832 to 1841 include obituaries, sketches of local events such as the first balloon ascension on May 26, 1838, along with stories and recollections of the founding of Northampton County, Pennsylvania and much more. This CD contains images of the original pages along with a powerful full index search tool for the following books:

  • A History of Bethlehem, PA, 1741-1892 (Joseph Mortimer Levering; Times Publishing Co.; 1903)
  • Historical Sketch of Bethlehem in PA, 2d edition (John Hill Martin; John L. Pile, Philadelphia,1873)
  • The History of Easton from the Earliest Times to the Present 1739-1885 (Rev. Uzal W. Condit; George W. West; 1885)
  • Local Historical and Biographical notes collected by Ethan Allen Weaver from files of newspapers published in Easton, PA (Ethan Allen Weaver; Germantown, PA; 1906)
  • Some of the First Settlers of “The Forks of the Delaware” (Rev. Henry Martyn Kieffer; New Era Printing Co., Lancaster, 1902)
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These books are filled with valuable information on the early settlers from Bethlehem, Easton and the surrounding areas, including valuable baptisms, burials and marriage records. 82 illustrations.

2007, 2,344 pages, CD
ISBN 1929356471

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