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Northumberland County Marriages, Vol 2

Northumberland County Marriages, Vol 2 Compiler: John P. Deeben The second volume of a potential 13 volumes beginning with 1885 and ending with 1907. Volume 2 covers 1887-1888 (Marriage License Docket No. 3). It includes marriage license applications transcribed from the county courthouse docket books.

The entries, arranged numerically by license number, provide the names of each couple, their age and place of birth, the name of the parents (and whether deceased), occupation, place of residence, date and place of marriage, date the license was issued, and date the marriage was recorded at the courthouse.

Information about previous marriages and divorces, including the names and death dates of former spouses, can also appear.

Separate bride and groom name indexes are included.

2012, 8.5x11, Softbound, 145 pages
ISBN 9781558565739

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