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A History of the Cheadle and White Families

A History of the Cheadle and White Families Author: George C. Williston
… of Early Washington and Morgan Co., Ohio Pre-Statehood Vermont and Ohio Families. A unique window on life up the Muskingum River 1800-1865. Seven Families of Asa and Martha Paddock Cheadle and Thomas W. and [Naomi Wright] White with 18 children plus six other families of friends who came to Ohio about 1800. This book includes the 65 children of these frontier families of the first generation in Ohio. Highlights: History of the George Chedel family of Ashford, CT from 1720; and the White family back to Elder John White in the Seventeenth Century. which includes: Wartime combat service in 1745, 1755, 1756, 1757, 1758; Revolutionary War service of T.W. White, Asa Chedel and others with the service of Asa Cheadle Sr. and Jr. in detail. 

And more: The Ohio arrival about 1800 of all these parents and children, public vital records of marriage, land purchase, federal census, voting, incidents in trading, doctoring, lawyering, religion, business and other events up the Muskingum to about 1865. The 14 Cheadle and White estates of Washington and Morgan Counties, Ohio to 1930 - all there are. Old and New material on Rial Cheadle-Great Conductor on the Underground Railroad-heroism and sacrifice against slavery, Civil War service of about 50 men of the Cheadle, White and related families, seven men who died during their wartime service. Branching off: The 1836 move of Joseph and Sarah Hand Cheadle, Augustus and Nancy Baker Cheadle, Elisha and Sarah Hand Cheadle, Asa and Sarah Dennis Cheadle and their families to Vermillion Co, Indiana and Illinois. Includes the 1863 estate record of Joseph Cheadle, the 1838 move of Augustus and Nancy Baker Cheadle with their children to Pike Co, IL, the 1863 move of George L. and Sarah Ramage Cheadle with two little children across the plains on foot and by ox team to California. 

Also includes: 1832, 1855 Pension applications, copies of some original documents 1803-1855 not found elsewhere. Three pages of contemporary colored pictures of the grave stones and cemeteries. Appendices: Genealogies of the Newton, Hand, Paddock and White families back to England in the early 17th century, the Benjamin and Sarah Newton Baker family record as well as speculation on the Mayflower Connection. Many referenced sources of further information. 

Note: The Elisha and Sarah Hand family history is in the author’s Hand [family] Genealogy on the internet. That does not include recently discovered letters by Elisha written in 1839 on. There are 158 footnotes of sources and explanation. Names are mostly in bold type for easy location. 

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2006, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 147 pages

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