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Origins, The Ancestry and Descendents of Vallentin Baumuller

Origins, The Ancestry and Descendents of Vallentin Baumuller Author: Rich Cummings, MSW, LSW
This family history is an examination of the progenitor of over 1,200 individuals in the area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Baumiller family left Bavaria and settled in Pittsburgh in 1867. It traces Vallentin Baumuller’s material ancestry to 1566 in Odenbach, Germany and his paternal ancestry to 1770. This record includes over 250 family photographs. It is still a great buy at a great price even though it has been outdated by a new book, The Baumillers in America - A Family Genealogy, history, and multigenerational behavior examination. Check out the author’s new book too – The Baumilloers in America! 

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1994, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 350 pages

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Rich Cummings
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