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Our Dakan Family History, 1800-2002

Our Dakan Family History, 1800-2002 Author: Dorothy Dakan Sedosky
In 1983 the Marshall County, WV Historical Society began gathering material for publishing. This sparked an interest in the author’s own genealogical research. Relatives knowing of her interest in preserving the family history invited Dorothy to look at material her grandmother, Elizabeth Martin Dakan, had saved. What was especially interesting to the author was the indenture of Perry Dakan, age 15, by his father Simon in 1831. An advertisement in the DAR magazine for information on Perry and Simon Dakan received a generous response. This book, in story form, tells about Simon and Elizabeth Dakan of Greene County, PA, Ohio County, VA (Marshall County, WV) and each of their four children beginning with the oldest descendant. It’s not just dry dates. “Dorothy’s Scrapbook” might be a better title because of the many newspaper articles, documents, illustrations, photographs, and other family memorabilia. An added bonus is the highlights of the Roseby’s Rock community which was the location for the completion of the B&O Railroad founded Dec. 24, 1852 and celebrated it’s 150th anniversary in 2002. Some family names in this book: Beckley, Billiter, Blauer, Bull, Clegg, Crow, Faust, Gaines, Grandon, Hill, Hoffman, Hood, Kinney, Kirker, Knuth, Kull, McGary, Martin, Moore, Morgan, Raker, Roberts, Schoenian, Shutler, Terrell, Wayson, Westerman, and Yount. 6 generations. Sorry, no index. 

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2003, 8.5 X 11, Hardbound, 555 pages

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