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Our Family Story - Offermann-Barth, Quinn-Cole, Lawless-Welton

Our Family Story - Offermann-Barth, Quinn-Cole, Lawless-Welton Author: Jeanne M. Lawless
This is a story written by the author for her 12 children, 24 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. The time period is 1846 to 1980. She traces ancestors in Ireland; Kingdom of Great Britain; Albion, Orleans County, N.Y.; North Tonawanda, N.Y.; Buffalo, Erie County, N.Y.; Grand Rapids, MI; 10th Ward, Buffalo, N.Y.; County Cork, Ireland; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Pittsburgh, PA; Grand Island, N.Y.; South Buffalo, N.Y.; Hawthorne, CA; Orillia, Ontario, Canada; Niceville, FL; Holland; Cologne, Germany; Koln-on-the-Rhine, Kingdom of Prussia; Williamsville, N.Y.; Janesville, WI; Weisbadan, Germany; Estonia. This book contains an account of the lives, brief biographies of the ancestors and some of the descendents of the following families: Offermann, Barth, Taggert, Quinn, Cole, Lawless, Welton with four pages of indexed names. The author uses family stories to capture the history of our country; the Civil War, the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean and Viet Nam Wars, the Roosevelt and Kennedy years, the moonwalk, Watergate, booms and busts, good times and bad. It took about five years to write and research the book. Includes every-name index and 15 pages including 34 photographs. 

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2004, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 105 pages

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