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Overbrook-The Heart of Saw Mill Run

Overbrook-The Heart of Saw Mill Run

Author: Rich Cummings

The community of Overbrook is located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. This book traces the origin and history of this community from a collection of farms, to a coal patch village named Fairhaven, to a borough named Overbrook, and, finally, to the community’s 1929 annexation into Pittsburgh.

This is not the usual history of a community. Other than the mention of their names, there is no information on the wealthy and influential individuals who lived, economically, at the edge of this community. This book, first and foremost, is a paean to coal miners and their families. Their lives are documented: their work, leisure, religion, poverty, where they lived, how they lived, and how they died. These facets of their lives are documented through unpublished local records, first-person stories, photographs, and contemporary newspaper accounts.  

The book also includes an inventory of notable buildings from the village, those buildings that still remain and those that do not. An inventory of all surviving residences that predate 1900 is also included.  

Pages and pages of photographs, colored and black-and-white.

12 x 9", 70# paper, 287 pages

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