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PA Births: Lancaster County, 1778-1800

PA Births: Lancaster County, 1778-1800 Author: John T. Humphrey
A comprehensive index to the extant birth records for children born in Lancaster County between 1778 and 1800. Each entry lists the family name, the name of the infant, the date of birth or baptism, the names of both parents and the source where the information was found. If the mother’s maiden surname is given in the church record that information is also included. The county was predominately German, as evidenced by the twenty-six Lutheran, Reformed, and Moravian church registers used. Denominations covered in the Lancaster County volumes include: Quaker, Catholic, Anglican or Protestant Episcopal, Moravian, German Reformed and Lutheran. Combined thirty-one church registers total more than 12,500 recorded births.

1997, 6" X 9", Hardbound, 398 pages
ISBN 1887609148

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