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RAMDAS the one-eyed Turtle

RAMDAS the one-eyed Turtle Authors: Robert Goerman and Dinesh Patel with illustrations by Kiran Yalamanchi Robert A. Goerman collaborates with Dinesh Patel and artist Kiran Yalamanchi for what is sure to be a family classic. The illustrated fable for readers of all ages (particularly 6 to 10 years), explores the theme — Trust God.

It follows Ramdas, a turtle that was severely injured and blinded in one eye as a hatchling. Other than being hideously ugly and ridiculed by members of the little lake he lived in, Ramdas has steadfast faith, which makes him different.

His faith is constant throughout the book, making Ramdas an enduring character. It is a heartwarming family classic of faith, friendship, and forgiveness. The pen-and-ink magic of Kiran Yalamanchi serves as the perfect complement.

This book is printed in large type so it can be easily read by parents and grandparents as well as children.

2009, 8.5" X 11", Hardbound, 86 pages
ISBN 9781558565050

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