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Records From the Past-Funeral Home Records, Vol. III

Records From the Past-Funeral Home Records, Vol. III Author: Kathryn Cooley Miller
20th century Fairchance, Fayette County, Pennsylvania funeral home records include name of deceased, birth year, death date, name of parents, cemetery. Volumes are numbered consecutively. There are two sections in Volume III: The first section continues from page 323 to 512 (including index). The second section starts at page 1 and ends with the index. Includes: Wagner-Cooley (1966-1982), pp 323-372; Lescar-Markutsa (1982-1989), pp 373-393; J.W. Goldsboro (1971-1987), pp 394-487 plus index and Dean C. Whitmarsh (1989-1999), pages 1-69 plus index for a total of 274pp. Don’t let the late dates discourage you from purchasing these records. Progenitors are often mentioned plus other relationships. Index.

2001, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 274 pages
ISBN 1558563946

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