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Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Compiler: Retrospect Publishing
The Fifth Series and the first two volumes of the Sixth Series are dedicated almost exclusively to the officers and soldiers of the Revolutionary War. Many of the muster rolls published in volumes 2, 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15 of the Second Series and volume 23 of the Third Series of the published Pennsylvania Archives were found to be riddled with errors and omissions when compared with original documents. As a result the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania decided to republish the muster rolls with the corrections and additions in the Fifth Series and volumes 1 and 2 of the Sixth Series of the published Pennsylvania Archives.

Sources for this effort included the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Division of Public Records, Pennsylvania State Library, Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography and the National Archives.

This CD contains all 8 volumes of the Fifth Series and the first two volumes of the Sixth Series of the published Pennsylvania Archives. These volumes represent a unique record of Pennsylvanians who served in the Revolutionary War. Included are the muster and general rolls of the officers and soldiers who served from Pennsylvania along with brief regimental histories and officers’ correspondence. Specifically:

Muster and General Rolls:
  • Pennsylvania Officers and Soldiers (5th Series, Vol. I): 1744-1765
  • Pennsylvania Navy (5th Series, Vol. I): 1776-1779
  • Pennsylvania Line (5th Series, Vol II): 1-4
  • Pennsylvania Line (5th Series, Vol III): 5-11 and other Regiments
  • Pennsylvania Line (5th Series, Vol IV): Invalid Regiment
  • Pennsylvania Battalions (5th Series, Vol. II): 1-8 and other Battalions
  • Rangers of the Frontiers (5th Series, Vol. IV): 1778-1783
Associators and Militia Muster and General Rolls:
  • Bedford County (5th Series, Vol. V)
  • Berks County (5th Series, Vol. V)
  • Bucks County (5th Series, Vol. V)
  • Chester County (5th Series, Vol. V)
  • Cumberland County (5th Series, Vol. VI)
  • Lancaster County (5th Series, Vol. VII)
  • Northampton County (5th Series, Vol. VIII)
  • Northumberland County (5th Series, Vol. VIII)
  • Philadelphia City (6th Series, Vol. I)
  • Philadelphia County (6th Series, Vol. I)
  • Washington County (6th Series, Vol. II)
  • Westmoreland County (6th Series, Vol. II)
  • York County (6th Series, Vol. II)
  • Indian Traders (Vol I): 1743-1775
  • Depreciation Pay (Vol. IV)
  • Pension Application Abstracts (Vol. IV)

This CD contains a powerful search tool and images of the original pages from the following book:
  • PA Archives, Fifth Series, Vol. I-VIII (Thomas Lynch Montgomery; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; 1906)
  • PA Archives, Sixth Series, Vol. I-II (Thomas Lynch Montgomery; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; 1906)
CD Features: Full Text Searchable, simple and advanced, Original Page Images, Bookmark and annotation capability, document viewer software included, extensive help documentation on the CD-ROM.

System Requirements: CD-ROM drive; Windows Operating System. Not compatible with network software.
Often times the muster rolls include the date of enlistment, discharge and sometimes the soldier’s age, birthplace, and residence. Extensive care was taken in compiling this CD in order to produce a research friendly product. Whether a historian, a Revolutionary War enthusiast, or a genealogist, who had ancestors that lived in Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War, this CD-ROM will be a valuable research source.

2006, 9,057 pages, CD
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