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Revolutionary War Militia: Philadelphia City and County

Revolutionary War Militia: Philadelphia City and County Compiler: Retrospect Publishing
Included on this CD are the Muster and General rolls related to the Associators and Militia for Philadelphia City and Philadelphia County during the Revolutionary War.

Found within the rolls are lists of officers and soldiers. In some cases the date of enlistment, service and discharge are noted. Typically the General Returns provide the status of each soldier when they were called into service. Statuses include excused on appeal, cannot be found, served his tour, gone with the enemy, and paid. The General Returns also records the name of the substitute if one was provided. />

This CD contains a powerful search tool and images of the original pages from the following book:
  • PA Archives, Sixth Series, Vol. I (Thomas Lynch Montgomery; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; 1906)
CD Features: Full Text Searchable, simple and advanced, Original Page Images, Bookmark and annotation capability, document viewer software included, extensive help documentation on the CD-ROM.

System Requirements: CD-ROM drive; Windows Operating System. Not compatible with network software.

Whether a historian, a Revolutionary War enthusiast, or a genealogist who had ancestors that lived in the Philadelphia area during the Revolutionary War time period, this volume will be of immediate interest.

2006, 992 pages, CD
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