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Scans of Twp. Warrantee Maps of Lancaster Co., PA

Scans of Twp. Warrantee Maps of Lancaster Co., PA Authors: Sharon C. and Angus MacInnes
This CD was produced as a companion to the book, Early Land Owners of Pennsylvania: Atlas of Township Warrantee Maps of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

It contains two sets of maps which are invaluable aids to this atlas:
  • (1) uncropped images of the original Warrant Maps on file at the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg, averaging about 3 feet X 4 feet, in two formats (.jpg and .pdf)
  • (2) the original Warrant Maps onto which modern road maps have been superimposed by the Lancaster County GIS Division (.jpg format).
Using the second set of maps, it should be possible to pinpoint the tracts of your ancestors and their allied families in today’s county. You can then study them in context with the other families who had relationships with them.

2008, 41 pages, CD
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