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Some Fayette County, PA Cemeteries

Some Fayette County, PA Cemeteries

Author:P Kathryn Cooley Miller
Tombstone inscriptions for cemeteries in all...Fairchance: Maple Grove, White Rock, St. Joseph’s; Brownfield: Mountain View; Smithfield: Mt. Moriah, Brownfield, IOOF; York Run: Tent Church; Old Frame: Oak Hill Baptist; Pt. Marion: Mt. Moriah Presbyterian; Uniontown: St. John’s; Searights: Grace Episcopal; Rubles Mill: Woodbridge Rubles; White House: Springhill Furnace; Masontown: Greendale, Jacob’s Lutheran (Correction: The correct name for this cemetery is Masontown Cemetery which includes the Cumberland Cemetery), Fairview, Ashbel; New Geneva: Stone Church, Cedar Grove; Morris Crossroads: Oak Grove, Brick Church; Haydentown: Miller-Sisler, Christian Church, Jennings, Lowe, Price, and Swaney cemeteries. Surname index for easy access to these complete inscriptions. 

1996, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 239 pages
ISBN 1558562222

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