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St. Joseph’s Cath. Church: Biog. Sketch & Cem. Listing

St. Joseph’s Cath. Church: Biog. Sketch & Cem. Listing

Author: Brian J. Ensley
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church had its beginnings in Conemaugh Borough, later to become Johnstown’s 9th Ward in the early 1850s. The present structure is situated along Railroad Street. The cemetery was started in 1855 when it was known as the “Catholic Burial Grounds” or “German Catholic Cemetery.” It was situated to the immediate right when entering through the main entrance off Hickory Street. Plagued by repeated flooding, the cemetery was relocated to a tract of land in Geistown Borough about 1887. Victims of the 1889 flood were some of the first people to be buried there. Soon after, people were transferred from the old cemetery and interred in the new one. A new chapel was built at the site of the new cemetery and is now part of St. Benedict’s Catholic Church. This book profiles 100 early families of St. Joseph’s Church during the 1800s and is accompanied by photos and maps. Also included is a listing of cemetery inscriptions and burials containing 4,454 entries.

2001, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 168 pages

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