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Tales from the Allegheny Foothills, Vol. 2

Tales from the Allegheny Foothills, Vol. 2 Author: Vaughn Whisker
The second of two books includes the original Volumes VI-X, individually published by Vaughn E. Whisker in 1976 and reformatted by Closson Press. The purpose of this series is to bring the past alive to the present generations as well as generations unborn. It is hoped that these stories will continue to be told to future generations yet unborn. Original Volume VI includes stories dating back to the 1700s, the methods our grandmothers used to do her weekly laundry, the old kitchen range and the legend of the Wooly Worm for a total of 34 enjoyable stories. Volume VII again goes back to the 1700’s, more stories, things you should know about Bedford County’s history are listed in 150 questions and answers. Volume VIII is filled with diversified stories, now memories of bygone days. Volume IX tells of experiences in the past two centuries as well as history making events that took place in and around Bedford County. And last, but not least, Volume X includes more inspired stories to enhance your knowledge of the past and for your enjoyment. No index. 

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2008, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 252 pages

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