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The Ancestry of Robert P. Eldredge

The Ancestry of Robert P. Eldredge Author: Bob Eldredge
This book traces the ancestral roots of the author. The primary Eldredge/Eldred line connects twenty generations, with branching families including Hartley, Jackson, Childes, Seaman, Hallett, Powell, Hicks, Bonney, Hotchkiss and other surnames also traced back to the old country. Eleven chapters monitor Eldredge and branching families in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Texas starting in the early 1600s.
Interesting ancestral history includes:

  • The story of the Battle of Fort Griswold, where Eldredge ancestors were massacred by the British during the Revolution.
  • The accomplishments of John Wood Eldredge in his very brief life in the Republic of Texas.
  • The plight of John Wood Eldredge's widow, Sarah Aurelia, when her family all met early death in Texas.
  • Read about all the children that Rebecca Hallet had. She was a busy woman! Also read about the 95 grandchildren of Captain John Seaman.
  • The story of the Unthank family ancestors, and their hardships suffered during the King Phillip's Indian wars in Narragansett.
  • A detailed report of the history of Company F, 314th Engineers records the day-by-day activities of Parker Jackson Eldredge's army experience in the battles of St. Mihiel and the Meuse-Argonne in France during World War I.
  • Read "Uncle Joe" Eldredge's report to his friend, President Sam Houston of the Republic of Texas, on his assignment as Indian Commissioner to bring the Comanche Indians to the peace table. Sam Houston of the Republic of Texas, on his assignment as Indian Commissioner to bring the Comanche Indians to the peace table.

    Also included is a 52 page (September 2009) addendum that incorporates additional information found subsequent to the original publication. This new data primarily reveals what actually came of John Wood Eldredge's widow and her children (questions that were left unanswered in the original of the book).

    Direct connections are traced back to the following family names: Moore, Starr, Brewster, Remsen, Rapalie, Ledbetter, Miller, Wood, Hutchings, Rogers, Carman, Mott, Hewlett, Fordham, Titus, Townsend, Brower, Hallett, Strickland, Unthank, Almy, Ireland, Stark, Mytton, Rock Smith, Whitehead, Stevens, Maltbie, Conkling, Gardner, Oldham, Symkinson, Mann, Morgan, Vine, Trico, Knivton, Van Duyn, Johnson, Hodgson, Heocken, Swart, Fish, Sprigge, Huybrechts, Wentworth, Pusey, Mitchell, Hunt, Whittel, Rice, Goodall, Fogg, Willjard, Ditmars, Goodrich, Goldham, Bishop, Hodgkin, Douws, Lott, Hill, Stowe, Stan, Strycker, Parmalee, Hiland, Probasco, Jacobs, Barnard, Redfield, Grinnell, Eaton, Elston, Fisher, Bailey, Hesketh, Lauson, Forbes, Cornelius, Harnett, Milbanck, Bradley, Pippin, Hotchkiss, Watson, Coupe, Lawsdall, Studd, Washburne, Hinton, Phillips, Barlowe, Forthe, Montgomery, Winthrop, Burton, Sharpe, Fones, Browne, Cornell, Briggs, Woolsey, Telham, Jones, LePoher, Hanley, Youngs, Forthe, Hyelton, Lewell, Bushall, Launder, Woodhouse, Hedges, Lavendar, Redding, Deurcant, Stratton, Allseabrook, Vanderbeeck, Wheeler,Grinnell, Corbett, Barlowe, and Forthe. 

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    2007, 7”X10", Hardbound, 326 pages

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