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The Bean’s Cove Blair Clan Genealogy

The Bean’s Cove Blair Clan Genealogy Author: Bryce D. Blair
This unique genealogy starts with the currently known progenitor, Brice (I.) Blair. This Brice was Scotch-Irish, born in Northern Ireland ca. 1720 and farmed near Antietam, MD in 1765 and in the Bean’s Cove area of Bedford County, PA from ca. 1777 until his death in 1785. It follows his son, Brice (II) Blair, son of Susannah, down through ten generations of the author’s line. The book has thirteen chapters including one for each of Brice II’s eleven surviving children and their descendants. Research on this Blair Family Tree was started by the author’s great-grandfather, Nathan A. Blair, about 125 years ago and has been significantly added to by his family over the last twenty years. The original data was then verified or corrected where possible and extensively footnoted. As a long standing member and officer of The Blair Society for Genealogical Research, the author guarantees the seriousness of this work. The purpose is to record, preserve, and disseminate the known genealogical and historical data on this branch of the Family of Blair, which itself dates into eleventh century Scotland; to submit it for review by all interested and, finally, to encourage others of this expanded family to help fill in the “unknowns” and provide for its continuity. Blair is, of course, the main surname theme of the book. However, very important, related surnames are: Patrick, McCoy, Wright, Perdew, Wigfield, Lakin, and Growden. The book consists of a few pictures, Table of Contents, Introduction, thirteen chapters, seven appendixes (wills, land deeds, one pedigree chart, etc.) and a full name index. It contains over 2200 connected names with dates, places, and sources given where known. 

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