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The Brookfield that Was, Part Two (1994)

The Brookfield that Was, Part Two (1994) Author: Joe Tarkanick
First printed in 1994, this title is a history of Brookfield Twp., Ohio from 1797 to modern times. It’s contents should give the reader cause for consideration. The author gives you opportunity to reflect on the many unanswered questions concerning Brookfield Township, particularly its growth or possibly the lack thereof. Includes many photographs, general information on travel and transportation, roads, settlement, militia and muster days, pioneer reunion, school system, museum, blast furnace, grist mill, Arthur Holt Cemetery, slavery in Brookfield, horse thieves, coal path, village, mines, recreation, funeral parlors, unrecorded facts, the people, and much more. Index of people and places. 
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2004, 8.5" X 11", Softbound, 178 pages

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